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Policies could Aid Digital Development on the Continent


Edwin Soko (Senior Journalist), Mwanza Tanzania

Investment in ICT infrastructure should be a priority, as it could have wide-ranging impact  to  African   economy  which  depend  much  on  agricultural production and  this  will  enhance  to  modern   agribusiness   policies  in Africa.

Walter Mayer, CEO and founder Progis SA, said  that,  a technology firm specializing in applications for agriculture in rural areas  to   foster  modern   agricultural   instead  of  traditional    agriculture  which provides  small  number of  harvest  and  time  consuming   approach.

Mayer  said that today Africa had to import food but by harnessing technology this could change in a short period. One of the challenges though was stakeholder cooperation. Nevertheless Mr Mayer believed that “ROI in agriculture could be tremendous if it is done correctly, and big, but you cannot do it small.

Ms Herbst, an energy expert with 30 years experience mainly at Eskom, South Africa’s national power utility, is also a non-executive director of Africa GreenCo, added  that ,  we need  public private partnership,  to act as an intermediary and increase private sector investment in energy generation in sub-Saharan Africa by mitigating the credit risks. Creditworthiness of off-takers is of the big challenges for the sector, said founder and CEO Ana Hajduka who is “hoping to prove that you can leverage much more private sector capital.

“Nothing is easy in Africa, and solving the energy challenge will require multiple diverse interventions,the intensity of this power debate is a clear indication of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Through its proposed European External Investment Plan, the European Union is committed to playing its role in the future of Africa. The plan will be launched at the 5th Africa-EU Summit in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in November” said Ms Hajduka   , an energy expert with 30 years experience

According   to  the  press  release   given  by  EU- Africa  business  forum named Investment Pitches, Power Challenges and a Digital Future  aimed  to describes the EU-Africa Business Forum’s Investment Pitches session, which was first held in 2014, //euafrica-businessforum.com/sites/default/files/sessions_debate_afternoon.pdf

Another   forum  called The 6 th EU-Africa Business Forum will be held on 27 November 2017 in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, host country of the 5 th African Union-European Union Summit.

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